A few movies showing vintage versions of TouchPlot in action.

You can see how much TouchPlot has evolved since it appeared in the Appstore, in late july 2008... Compare them to the movies pertaining to version 4.0 of TouchPlot.

The first example shows how to enter the function f defined by f(x) = sin(x)*atan(x)/x^2 with the graphic formula editor, then shows the first derivative of this function calculated by TouchPlot, then shows a table with values of f, and finally draws the graph of f, showing how to move and rescale the graph with touches, and how to look for zeros and extrema for f.

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The second example display the graph of f defined by f(x) = 1/(x^2+1) with first regular scales, then one logarithmic scale (x axis), then both. It also demonstrates autorotating and landscape fullscreen drawing.

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The next one shows the action of some plot options on the drawing of a very irregular function : f(x)=1/x-floor(1/x) (note that floor(x) is the greatest integer lower than x). The normal mode connects every point and do not care about discontinuities. You get there what every average graphic calculator would give you, except for the much high resolution of the iPhone or iPod touch screen of course.

By enabling subdivision of every step (one for each horizontal pixel by default) and not ignoring discontinuities, you get then a much more accurate graph, and it gets even better when the <<high quality>> switch is enabled of course...

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The last example is quite long and big, as it demonstrate how to play with several user-defined functions depending on each other, as well as variable parameters one can change in real time by enabling sliders.

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